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Check out books, course reserves, etc.
You must have your Doane ID (or a Perkins Library card if you are a community user) to take anything out of the library. Bring your materials to the desk near the library entrance and present them with your identification. The person on desk will scan your ID and the barcodes on the materials to attach them to your account.
Access library databases off campus
All current students, faculty, and staff of Doane College may have off-campus access to most of the databases and other electronic resources on the Perkins Library website. Click on the link for the database of your choice and enter your Doane username and password -- these are the same as the credentials you use on campus. You should be connected to the search screen of the database. If you get the database login screen or have any other problems with access send a contact the library.
Find course reserves
Materials reserved by professors for their students are held behind the circulation desk at the library entrance, therefore you must have a call number to request the material be retrieved for you. Go to the library's online catalog on the library website and click on the link "Reserve Desk" in the gray bar at the top of the catalog page. Enter your professor's last name, then select the course in which you are enrolled. Locate the title of the material you need and make a note of the call number for that item. Bring the call number to the circulation desk and a staff member will retrieve it for you.
Request materials from interlibrary loan
Almost any information resource can be obtained from other libraries throughout the United States and the world. If you find a citation for information you wish to use, bring the citation to the library and request an Interlibrary Loan Form at the circulation desk at the library entrance, or complete the online Interlibrary Loan Request found on the library's full website. The Interlibrary Loan Assistant will enter your request into the system and then contact you when the material has been received by the library.
Suggest materials for purchase
The library staff welcomes suggestions for materials to be added to the library's collections, whether the material is physical or electronic. Requests may be submitted (with ordering information) may be turned in to the Collection Development Librarian in the library. Please provide as much information as possible to uniquely identify the material. If an item is purchased the requester will be notified when it is available in the library.